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non me ne intendo.

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Saint Bede the Venerable, Saint Isidore of Sevilla, Saint Abbo of Fleury. Cosmography, Walters MS W73. 1100s.

Created in 12th century England, this manuscript was intended to be a scientific textbook for monks, designed as a compendium of cosmographical knowledge. The complex diagrams that accompany the texts help to illustrate this knowledge, and include visualizations of the heavens and earth, seasons, winds, tides, and the zodiac, as well as demonstrations of how these things relate to man. Most of the diagrams are rotae, or wheel-shaped schemata, favored throughout the Middle Ages for the presentation of scientific and cosmological ideas. Moreover, the circle, considered the most perfect shape and a symbol of God, was seen as conveying the cyclical nature of time as well as the logic, order, and harmony of the created universe.

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Anailogía de Carles y Fran (de la calma y la tormenta)

No se conocían hace mucho, pero a la intimidad no le importa el tiempo ni a ellos tampoco. Se habían conocido como todos, pero se colaban en el cuerpo del otro, como si fuesen únicos. No sé si es amor, pero aquella emoción del nuevocariño era lo único que necesitaban.

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